Amusement Park Rides for Sale In Pakistan

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Hot Fairground Amusement Park Rides for Sale

As a professional amusement rides manufacturer, Beston has exported many sets of thrill and kiddie rides to Pakistan. Our sales manager has helped our customers designed out several park plans. Amusement park rides for sale in the amusement rides company has become more and more diversity. Amusement park rides are popular among amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, funfairs, large squares and other outdoor sites. Anyone who likes to the amusement parks will loves these rides.

New Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Swing Tower Rides for Sale In Pakistan

Swing tower rides, one of the largest and most thrill amusement rides you can buy for your amusement park in ...
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Human Slingshot Amusement Rides

Slingshot Ride for Sale

Slingshot ride for sale, also called human slingshot ride, ejection seat ride, slingshot amusement ride. Slingshot amusement ride is type ...
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Token Rides for Sale In Karachi

Token rides for sale in Karachi – the best coin operated rides you can buy from Beston Amusement. Token rides ...
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Kids Excavator Rides for Sale

Kiddie Rides for Sale In Karachi

Welcome to buy kiddie rides for sale in Karachi from Beston Amusement Equipment. We have different kinds of amusement rides ...
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108 Meter Ferris Wheel for Pakistan Park

Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale for Pakistan

Welcome to buy Ferris wheel rides for sale for Pakistan amusement parks. Beston Group offers small and large Ferris wheel ...
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Large disco amusement rides for sale for Pakistan

Buy Disco Dancer Ride for Pakistan

Disco dancer ride, also called disco ride, disco fever ride, UFO and tagada disco ride in our factory. It is ...
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!2 seat miami amusement rides for sale

Miami Amusement Rides for Pakistan

Miami amusement rides, one of the most popular fairground rides for Pakistan market which is selling in Beston factory. We ...
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tea cup rides for sale with 9 cups

Tea Cup Rides for Sale

Tea cup rides is a kind of family rides in the amusement parks, fairs, funfairs and some playgrounds. It is ...
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Amusement park mini pirate ship rides for sale

Pirate Ship Rides for Sale In Pakistan

Pirate ship rides also called swing boat rides is a kind of carnival rides for kids and adults. It is ...
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BNOP-A Amusement Park Octopus Rides for Sale

Amusement Park Kiddie Rides for Sale In Pakistan

As a professional amusement rides manufacturer Beston has designed many types of kiddie rides for amusement parks. Our rides are ...
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Amusement park trackless train rides for sale

Amusement Park Trackless and Track Train for Sale

Amusement park train is the mini size of the real train. There are many kinds of train rides for amusement ...
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BNBC-16A Quality carousel rides for sale in pakistan

Fairground Carousel Rides for Sale In Pakistan

As a kind of traditional but classic amusement rides, carousel has drawn lots of attentions from tourists who loves to ...
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BNC-A Beston bumper car rides

Amusement Park Dodgem Bumper Cars for Sale

New dodgem bumper cars for sale from Beston for Pakistan amusement parks you can buy. Most of funfairs loves the ...
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Theme fairground amusement park rides could be divided into several types, kiddie rides for sale, carnival rides for sale, theme park rides, water rides for sale, thrill rides, family amusement rides and some old and new amusement park rides for sale. Kiddie rides are small in size and easy to operate, they are safe enough for kids to ride by themselves. Thrill rides are large and they are suitable for adults who wants to seek thrill feelings. We could also find some water amusement rides, inflatable rides.

Windmill Ride for Sale

Crazy Windmill Amusement Rides for Pakistan

Crazy windmill rides for Pakistan, a common amusement rides in the large amusement parks. It is a popular thrill rides ...
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Coin Operated Helicopter Rides for Sale

Coin Operated Toys for Sale in Pakistan

Coin operated toys, also called coin operated rides, a variety of smaller amusement rides for kids. They are commonly used ...
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Standard Electric Bumper Car With 2 Seats

Electric Bumper Cars for Sale for Pakistan

Looking to buy electric bumper cars for your amusement parks, funfairs, fairgrounds in Pakistan? There are different kinds of electric ...
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BNBT-28A Electric Trackless Train for Shopping Mall for Pakistan

Shopping Mall Trackless Trains for Pakistan

There are many types of trackless trains for shopping mall use in Pakistan. There are three types of shopping mall ...
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CIT-ET006 Track Train for Kids for Paksitan

Electric Track Trains for Sale for Pakistan

Track Trains, also called rail tourist train which is different from the trackless train rides. Beston provide 10+ models track ...
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Lotus Cup Rides for Sale

Lotus Cup Rides for Sale for Pakistan

Looking to buy tea cup rides for your amusement rides business? Here is our 5 cups lotus cup rides. A ...
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Mini-Shuttle Kiddie Roller Coaster for Pakistan

Kiddie Roller Coaster for Sale in Pakistan

Kiddie roller coaster is a kind of kiddie amusement park rides which is widely used in the amusement parks, kiddie ...
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Large disco amusement rides for sale for Pakistan

Buy Disco Dancer Ride for Pakistan

Disco dancer ride, also called disco ride, disco fever ride, UFO and tagada disco ride in our factory. It is ...
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Popular snookball table for sale

Snookball Table for Sale for Pakistan

When you need to buy snookball tables for your facility in Pakistan. You need to know that for one snookball ...
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Classifications of Beston Amusement Park Rides for Sale In Pakistan

Kiddie Amusement Rides: As its name shows us, kiddie rides are designed for kids. Some of them are small in size, some of them are coin operated, and some of them are attractive in appearance and novel in shape. These kids rides are attractive for kids. We have many kinds of kiddie rides, for example, carousel rides, mini carousel rides, coin operated 3 horse carousel rides, bumper cars which powered by electric and motorized. Kiddie apache rides, ladybug rides, self-control kiddie plane rides, spray ball car rides and so on.

Family amusement rides: These rides are suitable for family fun, they usually have a large cabin which could contains 2-4 people at the same time. In Beston, our tea cup rides, trackless train rides, the pirate ship rides and the octopus carnival rides are all suitable for family fun. Parents and their kids could enjoy the happiness these rides bring them.

So where to buy amusement park rides?

Most people loves shopping online, lots of manufacturers have their official website online. They will show their new amusement rides on the website. Through the website, you could find more amusement rides factory. As for Beston, we have exported many sets of amusement rides to the world, especially Pakistan, Nigeria, Romania, South Africa, Thailand and so on. Our rides are popular among Pakistan parks. We also keep designing new amusement rides, especially the kiddie rides with novel appearance. We are aiming at obtain more attraction from kids and families. We have experienced workers and professional designers. Materials of our rides are all with high quality. Choose Beston, you will enjoy the quality but cheap amusement rides.

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