24 Seat Grand Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Beston new 24 seat grand pirate ship rides for sale you can buy from Beston amusement equipment. Pirate ship ride is a newly designed amusement equipment that designed for amusement parks. It is a kind of new amusement ride that reciprocates around the horizontal axis. Want to get a new pirate ship ride? Try this 24 seat grand pirate ship ride now! The 24 seat new design pirate ship has different names because of its shape. Once it started, this pirate ship ride will swings slowly and slowly. Passengers will ride on the pirate ship cabin and enjoy the pleasure that bring to them.

New 24 Seat Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

New 24 Seat Pirate Ship Rides

Model:24 Seat Pirate Ship Rides

Size: 13*9m
Running Speed: 8.2m/s
Power: 18kw
Area Size: 12m*8m
Delivery One: 40HQ

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Working Principle of Beston 24 Seat New Pirate Ship Rides

When you start the motor and drive the tire, it will drive the hull back and forth under the action of friction force. Then it will push up to the hull to the highest position at a time. The motor is stopped and driven, the hull is in the inertia free swing phase, when the pirate ship rides keeps a low speed. The brake cylinder is opened to raise the brake tire, the brake tire is pressed against the bottom friction plate, the brake is forcibly braked, and the hull is stopped after several swings.

Features of Beston 24 Seat Grand Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

  • Standard accessories produced by regular manufacturers.
  • Low durability and low failure rate.
  • All FRP products are made of automotive dust-free paint.
  • The paint surface is smooth and delicate.
  • The color is bright and durable.
  • It is not easy to fade.
  • The pirate ship ride is meticulous, safe and reliable and it is well received by customers.
  • Suitable for adults over 12 years old.
  • Popular used at the playgrounds, shopping malls, plazas, parks, ecological scenic spots, etc.

Technical Parameters of Beston 24 Seat Pirate Ship Rides

Items Specification
Capacity 24 people
Running Speed 8.2m/s
Turing Radius 7.5m
Length 13m
Height 9m
Power 18kw
Area Size 12m*8m
Delivery One 40HQ
 Product Material  FRP, high quality steel

Leading 24 Seat Pirate Ship Ride Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

The hull is 13 meters, but it does not conflict with the length of the land. Because the hull is very high after installation, and the two sides are up and up, our railings are not so high. If the engine is running, the middle hull swings on both sides. The length of the amplitude is about 20 meters. Cheap price with high quality new pirate ship rides from Beston amusement. Welcome to buy one for your amusement park.

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