Aladdin Magic Lamp Rides For Sale In Pakistan

Beston Aladdin magic lamp rides for sale in Pakistan, a crown shape kiddie rides with 8 cockpits that accommodate 16-24 people. It is one of the most popular rides that is similar with carousel rides, samba balloon rides. Looking for a new ride for Pakistan? Try this ride now!

Beston Magic Lamp Rides

BNML-16A Magic Lamp Rides

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Beston Kiddie Rides

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More Introduction About the Aladdin Magic Lamp Rides

It is a gyro-type amusement equipment. Its operation features is that the bottom of the magic lamp rides turntable rotates while the cockpit rotates in the opposite direction that around the central axis of the variable inclination. We had update the appearance of this magic lamp ride year by year. The magical magic lamp 2 generation has made a big change compared to the magic magic lamp. Firstly, the full-size FRP packaging is adopted from the appearance of the market, and the large-scale operation is increased. This makes the eccentric movement more obvious and the ride experience is more obvious. For the stimulation, and the operation mode adds the function of the cockpit rotation on the basis of the original rotation lifting eccentricity, which is more exciting when riding!

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Features of Beston Magic Lamp Rides

In addition to the heald, lift, tilt and offset modes of the magical magic lamp, the most characteristic feature is the rotation of the cockpit. The rotation of the cockpit relies on centrifugal force. The person sitting on the direction of rotation is uncertain, thus avoiding only one direction. The sense of vertigo caused by the rotation. The whole device runs more smoothly and is more exciting. The lighting uses a colorful water gradient light, the lighting is more eye-catching.

Advantages of Beston Magic Lamp Rides

The mechanical part of the double hydraulic cylinder support market swing, higher reliability. You can customize the much to play.
Large Plate: Flat steel and glass steel, the advantages of corrosion and oxidation resistance, beautiful.
Each cockpit of the magic lamp rides can rotate freely with inertia and the cockpit of some similar products is fixed.
The characteristics of the Beston Magic Lamp Rides are so distinct that the passengers have a dreamy feeling and they are very popular among kids and adults.

Technical Parameter of Beston Magic Lamp Rides

Power 11kw
Voltage 380V
Crew 16 with 8 cockpit
Cover Area 9m
Height 4.2m
Maximum Ground Level 1.9m
Weight 4t
Speed 1.8m/s
Seat Free Rotation

Packing and Shipping of The Aladdin Magic Lamp Rides

Packing details: Standard export packaging.
Shipping time: Within 25 workdays after receipt deposit.

Working Details of The Magic Lamp Rides for Pakistan

When the magic lamp rides is slowly started, the bottom slewing bearing driving device body that runs counterclockwise, while the upper slewing support drive body rotates clockwise, the hydraulic cylinder drives the large plate to perform the turning action, and the whole amusement equipment is operated to make the cockpit realize the turning, eccentric wave type slewing.

About Beston In Pakistan

Beston Amusement produce this new ride for kids use. It is popular among kids in the Pakistan amusement parks. We have office in Pakistan. Welcome to contact us right now or come to our office.


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