Amusement Park Trackless and Track Train for Sale

Amusement park train is the mini size of the real train. There are many kinds of train rides for amusement parks, trackless train rides, track train rides, chimney train rides, and elephant train rides and so on. Some of the train rides has its track while others adopt the trackless mode. Most of the trackless train rides are popular as the observational rides in the amusement parks. Coaches of trackless train and track train could be customized according to the request of clients. Amusement park train rides run smoothly, they are suitable for kids and adults, that’s the reason why they are popular in the funfairs and parks.

Electric Trackless Train for Sale

BNTT-42M Electric Trackless Train

Model: BNTT-42M

Capacity: 42 passengers
Weight: 2300kg
Size: 4200x1950x2500mm
Speed: 7km/h
Power: 15KW

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Electric Powered Trackless Train With Customized Color

BNTT-42N Electric Trackless Train

Model: BNTT-42N

Capacity: 42-52 passengers
Light vehicle weight: 1300kg
Locomotive Size: 
Size of the Cabin: 4300×1880×2200mm
Top Speed: 25km/h
Power: 12KW

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Amusement park trackless train rides for sale

BAR-M Trackless Train Ride

Model: BAR-M

Info: One locomotive,Four coaches
Locomotive: 1 person
One coach: 4 persons
Total capacity: 17 persons
Coach quantity can be customized.

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