Bumper Cars for Sale In Pakistan

Want to buy bumper cars for sale in Pakistan from Beston Amusement Equipment? Have you decide to buy which types of bumper car rides for your business?  We have many different types of bumper car rides for sale now in our factory. For example, battery bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, water bumper cars, electric bumper cars and etc. Which types of bumper cars are you looking for? Contact Beston Amusement for price of these bumper cars for Pakistan funfair and amusement park now, we will reply you price list of these new bumper car rides as soon as possible!

Beston Bumper Cars for Pakistan

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Beston Bumper Cars for Sale Pakistan

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A List of Beston Bumper Cars for Sale In Pakistan Market

Electric Bumper Cars for Pakistan Electric bumper cars from Beston Group can be divided into two different types of bumper cars which including ceiling grid bumper cars and ground grid bumper cars. Nowadays, the ceiling grid bumper car has been simplified into a pure ground grid bumper car due to the troublesome process and operation and installation. Ground grid electric bumper cars, as the name implies, it is a type of dodgem bumper car that lay a layer of floor on the ground. The vehicle runs through the conduction of the floor, and the voltage on the floor has no effect on the human body. You can rest assured. The advantage of the ground network bumper car is that the device is directly energized, and the speed of the vehicle will not be slowed down due to the problem of electricity.
Battery Bumper Cars for Pakistan The battery bumper car is driven by a battery. As long as the site is flat enough, this device can operate, such as outdoor squares, parks and other places, not limited by the scope. In addition, during the operation of this device, it is gentler than the bumper car and it is more suitable for children to play.
Inflatable Bumper Cars for Pakistan The inflatable bumper car is composed of a body and a base. The body is made of environmentally friendly glass fiber reinforced plastic products at one time. It uses battery power and imitation UFO flying saucers. The large space inside the car can take parents + children, couples, adults + children, and 2 children. It can rotate 360 degrees and collide in any direction. The iron parts are sprayed with electrostatic spray paint, equipped with advanced sound, positioning, lighting, timing functions, etc. The base is made of thick anti-collision rubber, which has good cushioning effect and comfortable and safe collision.
Water Bumper Cars Water bumper cars, also called bumper boats. It is a variant of the inflatable bumper car. When hot Summer comes, water bumper cars will be the best toys for kids to play in the lake or other water area. The price of these water bumper cars are cheap which is similar with the inflatable bumper cars price. They are light to carry for owners.
Cheap Bumper Cars for Sale Pakistan

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Bumper Cars for Sale Pakistan

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