Buy Disco Dancer Ride for Pakistan

Disco dancer ride, also called disco ride, disco fever ride, UFO and tagada disco ride in our factory. It is a large amusement rides which is popular used in the large amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs. It is made up of a large turntable, 20 motorcycle seats and a long steel track. The large turntable will rotate around with the crescent-shaped track. Passengers are sitting on the edge of the turntable and back to the turntable center.

Large disco amusement rides for sale for Pakistan

BNDS-A 20 Person Disco Ride


Model: BNDS-A
Size: 2300*900*840cm
Max Height: 7.5m
Power: 66KW
Voltage: 380V
Passengers: 20 persons

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Details about the Disco Amusement Rides for Pakistan

Disco amusement ride is a practical amusement equipment which is new to the amusement rides industry. It runs at a heights of less than 8 meters which is in line with national safety standards. Appearance of the disco rides is very beautiful, we paint carefully. We could also add some colorful LED lights.

Technical Parameters of Disco Dancer Rides for Pakistan

Products Disco Dancer Ride
Cover Area 10*20 Meter
Height 7-8 Meter
Speed 11rmp/min
Power 25 KW
Voltage 380V
Capacity 20 Person
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Beston disco dancer ride is suitable for playgrounds, large squares, amusement parks, funfairs and other large playgrounds. It is environmental, stability, beautiful which is warmly welcomed by kids and adults. When you need to buy large amusement rides for your park, try disco ride. When you need to buy new amusement park rides for your park in Pakistan, contact Beston Amusement Equipment – we have rich export experiences in exporting amusement rides to Pakistan these years.

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