Cliff Swing Rides for Sale In Paksitan

Cliff swing rides for sale in Pakistan, an extreme stimulating movement equipment on the edge of the cliff.  It is a kind of thrill rides which is designed by Beston team. The seat on the swing ride was pulled by the electric suction iron in the inner side of the cliff at a height of 5 stories. The iron was suddenly loosened, and the long swings instantly swayed out of the cliff which will give people a feeling of excitement. Do you want to buy this thrill ride for your place? Contact Beston Amusement Now!

Cliff Swing Rides for Sale

BNCS-2A Cliff Swing Rides

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Cliff Swing Rides

BNCS-2A Cliff Swing Rides

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Structure of the Cliff Swing Rides from Beston Amusement

The cliff swing ride is a door bracket that is supported by six steel tubes that are firmly fixed in the cliff to prevent displacement of the door bracket. It is a type of thrill ride which is more interesting than the roller coaster rides and swing tower rides.

Technical Parameters of Cliff Swing Rides for Pakistan

Name Cliff Swing Rides
Equipment Type Observation Car
Equipment Level A
Height of the Equipment 12.1m
Running Height 10m
Running Speed 14.2m/s
Diameter 22.4m
Power 3kw
Capacity 2
Cabin 2
Usage of the Equipment Fixed
Life Span 12 year

Tips for Riding Cliff Swing Rides

The thrill cliff swing ride only accepts tourists aged 18-48 years old and weighing less than 170 pounds. Visitors must also check the blood pressure pulse on the spot before the swing. Visitors with cardiovascular disease are forbidden to ride. Visitors must wear WIA clothing before riding. The WIA suit has a rope tied to the railing next to it, avoiding the risk of passengers coming forward on the swing.

Visitors must first measure their blood pressure before taking this giant swing. At the same time, the age requirement of visitors is between 18-48 years old, and visitors need to sign and confirm.

Cliff Swing Rides Manufacturer and Supplier

Beston amusement produce this large thrill rides for different place use. We offer high standard rides for our customers. Our thrill which including roller coasters, swing tower rides, cliff swing rides has been delivered to many different countries. If you want to get price and more parameters, welcome to ask our technical Adviser and sales manager.


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