Coin Operated Toys for Sale In Lahore

Coin operated toys for sale you can buy for Lahore city from Beston Amusement Rides manufacturer and supplier. A new small size kiddie rides you can buy from Beston Group. There are four different models of coin operated toys in our factory. Coin operated kiddie robot rides, coin operated kiddie carousel ride with 3 horse, coin operated kids excavator rides, coin operated le bar car rides.  Want to buy kiddie coin operated toys for your store or shopping mall in Lahore? Contact Beston for price list now!

Coin Operated Kids Excavator Rides In Lahore

BNKE-1A Coin Operated Kids Excavator Rides In Lahore

Model: BNKE-1A
Rotation degree: 60°, 90°, 360°
Power: 1.58kw
Max. Digging depth: 0.8m
Application: Indoor/outdoor

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Steps for Playing Coin Operated Toys In Lahore

  • Insert  some coins to start the toys.
  • Select the car, role, map, mode and so on.
  • Step on the accelerator to accelerate or reduce the speed.
  • Using the steering wheel to the left or turn right.
  • The gameplay is rich and varied, can choose the competition or limited time challenge.
Coin Operated Kids Robot Rides for Lahore

BNR-B Coin Operated Kids Robot Rides for Lahore

Technical Parameters

Model: New Kiddie Robot
Capacity: 2
Battery: 45AH*2
Loading Weight: 250kg
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Features of Beston Coin Operated Toys for Lahore

  • The console with LCD display, setting, errors will be displayed on the LCD
  • Lovely appearance and beautiful lighting
  • Not easy to damage, wear-resistant and durable, light fast and no fading.
  • Large space, output count , dual current mouth, beautiful routed, convenient for maintenance.
  • Commercial coin operated toys often use simple but colorful equipment.
  • Popular used for shopping malls and store.
  • Cheap price, coin operated toys are hot-sale in our factory for Lahore market.
Coin Operated Toys Bumper Cars for Sale In Lahore

BNGG-C Coin Operated Toys Bumper Cars

Model: BNGG-C
Size: 1.9*1.1*0.86M
Weight: 150kg (without batteries)
Load: 150KG
Power: 220-350W
Speed: 7km/h
Capacity: 2

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Instructions for Use These Coin Operated Toys for Sale In Lahore

First, you should connect the power, and then insert a coin or some coins. The controller  will automatically count one by one. You can insert more coins for a longer trip on the coin operated toys if you need. The coin operated toys will swing up and down with kid’s songs. At the same time, you can press the start button, there will be 10 or more kinds of different sounds. Time of the coin operated toys can be adjusted and automatically stop. If you want to move it to other place, you need to use one hand to lift, the back pulleys will move easily. We also insert the anti-counterfeit coins system.

Leading Coin Operated Toys Manufacturer and Supplier for Lahore

Looking for coin operated toys for kids for your shopping mall, store? Beston is a leading kiddie rides manufacturer and supplier in this industry. We have office in Pakistan, If you want to get more information, welcome to contact us now!


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