Coin Operated Toys for Sale in Pakistan

All types of new coin operated toys for sale you can choose from Beston Group for Pakistan funfairs, amusement parks and playground. Coin operated toys with cheap price from Beston, also called coin operated rides, a variety of smaller amusement rides for kids to play. They are commonly used in the amusement parks, arcades, malls, supermarket and other places. Beston Amusement, as a large coin operated rides manufacturer and supplier for Pakistan, has been exported many sets of coin operated toys to Pakistan. Want to buy some new coin operated toys from us? Send your inquiry now! We will reply you quotation of these coin operated toys in our factory!

New Kiddie Robot Coin Operated Rides

BNR-B New Kiddie Robot Coin Operated Rides

Technical Parameters

Model: New Kiddie Robot
Capacity: 2
Battery: 45AH*2
Loading Weight: 250kg
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Coin Operated Kids Excavator Rides for Sale

BNKE-1A Coin Operated Kids Excavator Rides

Model: BNKE-1A
Rotation degree: 60°, 90°, 360°
Power: 1.58kw
Max. Digging depth: 0.8m
Application: Indoor/outdoor

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Mini Coin Operated Carousel for Kids

BNBC-3N Mini Coin Operated Carousel

Model: BNBC-3N
Diameter: 1.4m
Power:  1.5-3KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 3 kids

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