Double Decker Carousel for Sale In Pakistan

Looking for double decker carousel rides for your park In Pakistan? Get more info about Beston Now! The luxurious double-decker carousel rides are grand and really hot sale in our factory. Double decker carousel has a magnificent appearance, exquisite and gorgeous decorative connotation, majestic momentum, beautiful lighting and noble and elegant shape, just like a rotating crown.

46 Seat Double Decker Carousel Rides for Sale In Pakistan

BNDC-46A 46 Seat Double Decker Carousel Rides

Model: BNDC-46A

Size: 11m
Power: 9.5kw
Voltage: 380V/50HZ
Running Speed: 1.9m/s
Capacity: 46 persons
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88 Seat Double Decker Carousel for Pakistan

BNDC-88A 88 Seat Double Decker Carousel

Model: BNDC-88A

Size: 17.5m
Power: 25kw
Voltage: 380V/50HZ
Height: 13.8m
Running Speed: 3.25r/min
Capacity: 88 persons
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Buy your large double decker carousel rides from Beston Amusement for your amusement park in Pakistan now! When the upper and lower reels rotate in the forward and reverse directions, the tourists ride on the colorful and different shapes of the wooden horses, and the four hooves shine, as if they are in a fairyland-like fairy tale world, just like galloping in the grassland, the dream of an instant This began to fly to the infinite horizon. Looking for large amusement rides for your park? Welcome to buy double decker carousel for sale from Beston!


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