Electric Bus for Sale for Pakistan

Electric bus for sale for Pakistan, also called electric sightseeing car, sightseeing electric car. It is a kind of electric powered bus that can be divided into a tourist car, community car, an electric classic car and small golf car. Electric bus is an environmentally-friendly electric passenger car which is designed for tourist attractions, parks, large amusement parks, closed communities, and schools. Need to buy new electric bus for your attractions? Contact Beston Amusement for price list now!

Beston 42 Seat Electric Bus

BNBT-42A Beston 42 Seat Electric Bus

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Large Electric Bus for Pakistan

BNBT-42F Large Electric Bus

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Characteristics of Beston Electric Bus for Pakistan

  • Beautiful design
  • Practical space
  • Simple to operate
  • Energy saving and environmental protection.
  • High security performance.
14 Seat White Electric Bus

BNEB-14A 14 Seat White Electric Bus

Model: BNEB-14A
Max Speed: 30km/h
Weight: 1600kg
Total capacity: 14 persons

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