Golf Carts for Sale In Pakistan

Golf carts for sale in Pakistan, a small vehicle that is designed originally to carry two or four golfers and their golf clubs around a gold course or on desert trails with less effort than walking. It is a popular trains-like vehicle that is popular used in Karachi, Lahore In Pakistan. Beston produces 2 seat, 4 seat and 6 seats with multiple colors for your to choose. Interested to buy? Send us your inquiry now!

14 Seat White Electric Bus

BNEB-14A 14 Seat White Electric Bus

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Orange Electric Bus for Sale

BNEB-14B Orange Electric Bus

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Usually golf carts are powered by batteries. Because people always use it on the grass or we can say golf carts ground. You can not get the golf carts charged all the time. So battery type golf carts makes it more convenience to use. Safe and reliable braking system makes good performance of the golf carts. With three-line hydraulic brake system, the front wheel adopting disc brake. The rear use drum brake.

Vintage Electric Bus for Sale In Pakistan

BNEB-14C Vintage Electric Bus

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BNES-F Beston Electric Kart for Pakistan

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