Kangaroo Jump Rides for Sale In Pakistan

Kangaroo Jump rides for sale in Pakistan, a new type of bouncing amusement equipment which is similar with the techno jump rides. The cockpit of the kangaroo jump ride is composed of six groups of kangaroos for kids to sit. The shape is cute and vivid, and it is very childlike. It is suitable for people of different ages, especially for kids. When the amusement equipment is running, accompanied by wonderful music, the cockpit will follow The rotation of the device and the up and down movements are like sitting in the belly of a kangaroo, giving you a different ride experience and fun. Interested in this new kangaroo jump amusement rides? Contact us for price now!

Kangaroo Jump Rides for Sale

BNKJ-8A Kangaroo Jump Rides

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Yellow Kangaroo Jump Rides

BNKJ-8B Yellow Kangaroo Jump Ride

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Features of Beston Kangargoo Jump Rides for Pakistan

  • The bouncing kangaroo rides that is produced by Beston company can be equipped with a four-channel car audio system to give users a refreshing feeling.
  • The shape of the kangaroo jump equipment is vivid: the appearance is made of FRP products, which is environmentally friendly, safe and corrosion resistant.
  • The combination of painting process makes the color bright and vivid, vivid and vivid.
  • The kangaroo jump amusement equipment has various specifications and can be selected by the customer at will, or can be customized according to the customer’s needs or customized according to the actual site requirements.
  • The lighting system of the amusement equipment also consumes a lot of efforts of our designers. In order to take care of the color of the equipment, our lighting engineers also painstakingly design the lighting. In order not to cover up the light of the theme of the equipment, we use white light, mainly for the convenience of equipment night. Lighting use.
  • The sound of kangaroo jump rides is high-grade car audio. When the equipment is running, our music sounds, stereo surround sound, accompanied by the rhythmic bounce of the equipment, enjoy the joy brought by the equipment.
Beston Kangaroo Jump Rides

BNKJ-8C Beston Kangaroo Jump Rides

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Kangaroo Jump Rides for Sale

BNKJ-8D Kangaroo Jump Rides

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Technical Parameters of Beston Kangaroo Jump Rides

Capacity 12/16 people
Diameter 6m/8m
Power 3kw/4kw
Voltage AC380v 50Hz
Height 3.8m
Area 8m
Details of Kangaroo Jump Rides for Pakistan

Details of Kangaroo Jump Rides for Pakistan

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Details of Kangaroo Jump Rides

Details of Kangaroo Jump Rides

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The happy kangaroo jump ride, also called the kangaroo jump and kangaroo bouncing. It is a new type of bouncing amusement equipment that is popular used in the amusement parks, funfairs. The cockpit is composed of six groups of kangaroos.The equipment runs with wonderful music. The cockpit will jump up and down as the equipment rotates, just like sitting in the kangaroo’s belly which is really attractive to kids.

Kangaroo Jump amusement rides is a new type of bouncing children’s play equipment for Pakistan amusement parks. It has attracted the attention of the industry and the unanimous recognition of consumers since its launch. The kangaroo jumping amusement equipment has won children’s love with its cute kangaroo image. The device can also jump up and down with music, giving visitors a different experience. The kangaroo jumps this set of children’s play equipment to break through the tradition, to join the times, and to provide parents with an opportunity to play with their children, not only to let the children put down the heavy learning tasks, but also to close the distance between the children and the parents, let the family Have fun and play happily, and experience different relaxation and happiness.

More Information and Materials of Beston Kangaroo

The kangaroo jump rides inject new vitality into the children’s play equipment industry and bring more happiness to children. The equipment has low investment, small floor space and quick effect. It is a very valuable investment in children’s play equipment industry for amusement parks, funfairs. The happy kangaroo jumping amusement equipment is a product which is designed according to the national treasure kangaroo on the prairie. The seat position is designed in the kangaroo. In the abdomen, when the equipment is started, the dynamic kangaroo cockpit with the dynamics pulsates up and down around the center, and the bright orange color is conspicuous and beautiful, which not only attracts children, but also the crowds of young people will be curious to experience our products. The middle column bearing adopts thicker material. The motor used in the product uses energy-saving model products, and the matching is reasonable. The gas path adopts self-tightening joints, PVC pipe and electromagnetic valve to ensure the reasonable use of energy. This new era of products has quickly occupied the market. It is currently quite popular and is ideal for parks, supermarkets, playgrounds, kindergartens and most public places.

Kangaroo Jump Rides for Sale In Pakistan

The Happy Kangaroo Jump is a kind of mechanical equipment that is suitable for tourists in parks, supermarkets, playgrounds, kindergartens and most public places. It can also exercise while playing the fun, playing a dual positive role. At present, it has a large market development prospect in the national market. For more about Beston Amusement rides, just send us your inquiry now!


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