Mini Carousel for Sale In Pakistan

Mini carousel for sale in Pakistan mainly refers to the carousel rides that equipped with 3, 4 or 6 horses. These mini sized carousel mainly used for little babies. It occupies a small area, easy to move and can be placed indoors and outdoors, and can be coined. It is convenient to operate, small investment, and quick return on investment. It is a common small amusement equipment at the entrance of supermarkets and shops. It will be your best investment for small business in Pakistan. Welcome to contact us for price list now!

Mini 6 Horse Carousel for Sale for Pakistan

BNBC-6A Mini 6 Horse Carousel

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Mini Carousel Rides for Sale

BNBC-6B Mini Carousel Rides

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Different Types of Mini Carousel Rides for Kids

The carousel rides can be divided into upper transmission and lower rotation according to the different transmission modes. The two transmission modes of the horse carousels refer to large and medium-sized carousel rides. In addition, there is a mini size carousel ride which is designed for kids. Here is a list of Beston mini size carousel rides that is popular for Pakistan.

3 Seat Mini Grand Carousel

BNBC-3A 3 Seat Mini Carousel

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3 Seat Mini Grand Carousel for Sale

BNBC-3B 3 Seat Mini Grand Carousel

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