Mini Pendulum Rides for Sale In Pakistan

Mini pendulum rides for sale in Pakistan amusement parks, is the smaller version of big pendulum rides. The mini pendulum is beautiful in appearance and scientific in structure. Passengers on the pendulum rides will rides on a high-speed rotating pendulum. The small pendulum rides is a popular small amusement equipment that is suitable for kids. It has a novel shape, a beautiful appearance, stable operation and large swing range. The operation of this mini pendulum rides is exciting and thrilling, and it is very popular among tourists. Welcome to get price of this mini pendlum ride for your park in Pakistan now!

Mini Pendulum Rides

BNMP-6A Mini Pendulum Rides

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Mini 6 Seat Pendulum Rides for Sale

BNMP-6B Mini 6 Seat Pendulum Rides

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The Working Principle of Mini Pendulum Rides

Mini pendulum rides consists of main bracket, hanging device, pendulum and electric system. The main part of the pendulum ride is made of truss structure, the pendulum shell is made of FRP, the pendulum is equipped with seats, and the safety bar is used to ensure the safe ride of the tourists. The main drive adopts the driving mode of the motor electric slewing support, so that the motor can drive the swing of the pendulum flexibly, to achieve the non-uniform speed rotation, and realize the large swing by the cylinder use weight pendulum. The pendulum is equipped with fully functional electrical cabinets and auxiliary appliances to ensure the start and safe operation of the motor. The electrical cabinet is equipped with the control circuit of the drive unit and the bell button is very simple and safe to use.

Mini 6 Seat Pendulum Rides for Sale

BNMP-6C Mini 6 Seat Pendulum Rides

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6 Seat Pendulum Rides for Sale

BNMP-6D 6 Seat Pendulum Rides

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Specification of Mini Pendulum Rides for Pakistan

Size 650*460*380mm (Include the Fence)
Voltage 380V/220V 50-60HZ
Power 9KW
Capacity 6 Person

The small pendulum ride is also called mini pendulum, children’s pendulum, pendulum, children’s small pendulum. It is a new generation of swinging amusement equipment. The product looks like a big pendulum, but comes with smaller size, and it looks like a pirate ship, that is, the beauty of the pirate ship, and the generality of the big pendulum, but only the price of the small pendulum. The children sit in the center cockpit of the pendulum and swing with the pendulum. The new amusement pendulum equipment will float in the air, and the children’s play equipment will fall to the bottom.

Details of Beston Small Pendulum Rides

The mini pendulum is a kind of small children’s play equipment for kids. You can see that the movement principle of the mini pendulum is left and right. The movement principle of the mini pendulum is derived from the pendulum, so the movement track and pendulum is similar. The shape of the mini pendulum amusement equipment is a large disc. The circumference of the plate can be used for people. The passenger volume is naturally not to be worried. The quality of the mini pendulum amusement equipment is reliable! In addition, the mini pendulum play equipment is a new type of amusement equipment in the 21st century. In addition, due to its small size, the floor space is also small, and the price is relatively low compared to the traditional amusement equipment.

The small pendulum is triggered by the big pendulum rides. The trajectory is also in the form of a pendulum. There is a disc under the arm. When the arm swings at the pendulum, the disc under the arm is rotated and operated in the pendulum. In the process, you will experience the thrills and excitement in your whistling sound. The tourists sit in the circular cockpit, the big arms accelerate and reciprocate, and all the troubles are thrown by the gravity. Very strong centrifugal feeling, visitors can also experience the feeling of weight loss for 1-2 seconds, the children sitting in the center cockpit of the pendulum swinging with the pendulum, fluttering in the air for a while, falling into the bottom of the valley for a while, thrilling fun, can experience the feeling of astronauts in space.

Application of Beston Mini Pendulum Rides

The small pendulum is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor fields in Pakistan, such as playgrounds, squares, parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, restaurants, communities, residential quarters, etc. The product is made of environmentally-friendly FRP material. It is environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, stable and beautiful. It is a popular amusement park that is popular among children and children. Since the introduction of the small pendulum, it has led the trend of small amusement equipment. The small pendulum can not only fix the site, but also make a small pendulum. Nowadays, children also like small pendulums, which are both fun and exciting. For the amusement park, you can also get some other rides, such as large-scale amusement equipments like pirate ships, self-controlled planes, and free jellyfish. Want to buy these rides? Contact Beston Amusement Now!


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