Roller Coaster Rides for Sale In Pakistan

Need roller coaster rides for sale? Want to install the roller coaster for your amusement park in Pakistan? Welcome to Beston Group. Beston is one of the largest roller coaster rides manufacturer that manufacturing all types of large and small roller coaster. Roller coaster, a type of thrill amusement rides that designed with tight turns, steep slopes and inversions. Roller coaster is the most popular and interesting rides in the amusement park and theme parks. Get one set for your business now!

500 Meters Large Roller Coaster for Pakistan

BNRS-14B 500 Meters Large Roller Coaster

Technical Parameter

Model: BNRS-14B
Power: 124KW
Track Length: 500m
Cover Area: 95*56m
Speed: 75km/h
Capacity: 14 persons

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Types of New Roller Coaster Rides for Sale In Pakistan

  • Big Roller Coaster Rides for Pakistan

Big roller coaster is different from the smaller roller coaster for kids. They are thrill and really interesting than any other rides in the amusement park. Beston factory mainly produce 3 ring medium size roller coaster, 3 ring large size roller coaster, 4 ring roller coaster, 5 ring roller coaster, 6 ring roller coaster even 10 ring roller coasters. We can custom the roller coaster size according to your area space.

5 Ring Roller Coaster for Sale In Pakistan

BNRS-20A 5 Ring Roller Coaster

Technical Parameter

Model: BNRS-20A
Power: 210KW
Track Length: 780m
Cover Area: 145*70m
Speed: 80.4km/h
Capacity: 20 persons

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  • Small Roller Coaster Rides for Pakistan

Small roller coaster ride is different from the large thrill roller coaster. They cover less area and really suitable for kids. We produce dragon roller coaster, slide worm roller coaster, wacky worm roller coaster and mini shuttle roller coaster. All these small roller coaster for kids can be customized into different size and color.

Slide Worm Kiddie Roller Coaster for Pakistan Amusement park

BNRC-Q Slide Worm Kiddie Roller Coaster

Technical Parameter

Model: BNRC-Q
Area: 12*18m
Power: 10.8kw
Height: 60cm
Track Length: 65m
Capacity: 14 persons/2 person per coach

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  • Roller Coaster Track for Sale For Pakistan Amusement Park

Length and height of the track can be customized according to your needs. When you decide to buy a roller coaster, you should get more information about the materials, design of the tack.

  • Roller Coaster Trains/Cars for Sale

Train or car is the most important part for roller coaster. Usually the capacity is 16 which means each of the roller coaster rides can be ride by 16 kids and adults at the same time. Roller coaster train is similar with the trackless train and track trains.

Kiddie Dragon Roller Coaster for Pakistan

BNRC-M Dragon Roller Coaster

Technical Parameter

Model: BNRC-M
Track Length: 120m
Power: 6.5KW
Voltage: 380V
Cover Area: 25*18m
Capacity: 22 persons

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  • Height of Different Types of Roller Coaster

There are different height classifications that used in the amusement parks. Kiddie roller coaster comes with a lower height which is suitable and safety to kids while big roller coaster rides comes with a higher height which is suitable for adults in the large amusement park and theme park.

Wild Mouse Kiddie Roller Coaster for Pakistan

BNWM-8C Wild Mouse Kiddie Roller Coaster

Technical Parameter

Model: BNWM-8C
Size: 40m×30m
Length of Track: 280 Meter
Rated Voltage: 380V 50HZ
Total Capacity: 8kw
Driving Power: 4kw
Track Height: 8m

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Roller Coaster Price Lists for Pakistan Markets

Do you know how much does a roller coaster cost? Do you need the price lists in Pakistan market? Contact Beston, we will reply you details soon. Small roller coaster price can be ranging from $16000 to $100000. Large roller coaster rides price can be ranging from $700,000 to 1000000 or even more.

Where to Placed the Roller Coaster Rides In Pakistan?

Because of the size, large roller coaster rides usually used in the large amusement park, funfair, carnivals and theme parks. Smaller roller coaster rides can be used for more places because of its smaller size, for example, kindergartens, shopping malls, supermarkets and etc.

Safety Tips for Roller Coaster for Sale for Pakistan

  • Keep you head, hands, arms legs and feet inside the roller coaster at all times.
  • Keep your eyes looking forward and your head up to protect your neck from injury.
  • People should obey the listed age, height, weight, and health restrictions.
  • Wait until instructed to remove your safety belt/lap bars/shoulder harnesses and exit the ride.

Top Features of Beston Roller Coaster Rides for Pakistan

  • Colors of the roller coaster trains can be customized, they can be yellow, red, black, blue, green and any color you like.
  • Structure of Beston roller coaster amusement rides are different from other factory.
  • We have experienced Roller Coaster Engineers and Technology

Components of Beston Roller Coaster Rides

The main structure of the roller coaster consists of sliding guide rails, columns, trains, lifting systems, propulsion systems, braking systems, platforms, and electrical systems.

How do Roller Coaster Rides Work?

Working principle of large roller coaster rides is that passengers sits on the roller coaster train seats and lock the safety pressure bar, fastens the secondary safety belt. The flatform brake is opened, the propeller is pneumatic. The motor is turned on. The moveable flat-form is lowered, the vehicle is driven out of the platform, and the vehicle is lifted.

The segment starts running through the top end, the train enters the buffer zone, decelerates in the first buffer zone, stops in the second buffer zone, starts the station front and the station thruster, and stops the vehicle in the final position.

Safety device of Beston roller coaster rides mainly includes a safety pressing bar, a locking device, a brake device, and a check device. The safety insurance measures include vehicle connection insurance and a ladder for evacuating tourists in an emergency.

Roller Coaster Rides Manufacturer for Pakistan Amusement Parks

Beston, a leading large and small roller coaster ride you can buy for your amusement park in Pakistan. We had established an office in Pakistan. If you need the price list and roller coaster brochure. Send us your inquiry and tell us the size of your place. Our sales manager will reply you with detailed prices soon. Welcome to contact us now!

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