Samba Balloon Rides for Sale In Pakistan

Samba balloon rides for sale from Beston Amusement is a kind of self-controlled airplane amusement equipment which is suitable for kids and adults at the same time. Its shape largely refers to the elements in hot air balloons. The colorful balloons are perfectly combined with the beautiful and comfortable cockpit, and the unique appearance makes people shine. From the perspective of its gameplay, tourists ride in the cockpit and rotate directionally around the center column, and the varying ascent and descent brings little surprises to tourists. The visual enjoyment and relaxing and leisure ride experience make the samba balloon rides very popular in parks and theme parks. Want to install the samba balloon ride to your park? Send your inquiry to us now!

24 Seat Samba Balloon Rides for Sale In Pakistan

BNSB-24A 24 Seat Samba Balloon Rides

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24 Seat Samba Balloon Rides for Pakistan

BNSB-24B 24 Seat Samba Balloon Rides

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Operation of Beston Samba Balloon Rides for Pakistan

In terms of the operation of the samba balloon rides, it is somewhat similar to the spaceship project in the park. Its spinner can be designed as multiple large balloons and corresponding cockpits. Each cockpit can carry 2-4 people. It is suitable for traveling between family parents, couples and friends. The whole device rotates up and down during operation, and its fluctuations are between 1 meter and 1.5 meters, and it looks like a samba dance from a distance. Interesting but not very exciting gameplay has become a good choice for travelers during holidays.

The Videos of How Samba Balloon Ride Work

Some Characterstics You Should Know About Samba Balloon Ride

  • Working principle: The main body revolves and the cockpit rotates. Passengers can operate the central turntable to control the rotation of the cockpit.
  • Product material: FRP, high-quality steel, endurance board material composition
  • Advantages of our samba balloon ride mainly includes using high-quality steel and standard accessories produced by regular manufacturers, durable and low failure rate, all glass fiber reinforced plastic products are made of automobile baking paint, the paint is smooth and delicate, the color is bright, the equipment is meticulous, safe and reliable, and is well received by customers. Package for one year.

Beston Samba Balloon Rides for Pakistan Amusement Park

Samba balloon ride is a kind of rocking chair entertainment equipment, the same running way to samba balloon and happy jellyfish, collect the advantages of these two devices. The difference is its shape with various small animal models and reasonable color sorting. When it runs, the cabin will go up and down. This is a basic mother-child device. As the model of the whole set of equipment and the lively ladybug, it was named the samba balloon.The production process of samba balloons is also striving for perfection, from the combination of national standard steel to high-strength glass steel and automobile spray paint, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless on the basis of bringing vivid and lifelike appearance.

From the perspective of investors, this amusement project has low initial investment cost, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, and its gorgeous appearance and exciting and interesting gameplay have become the guarantee of passenger flow. If you also want to know more about amusement equipment information, you are welcome to communicate directly with the online customer service specialist of Beston Amusement.


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