Self-control Plane Rides for Sale In Pakistan

Self-control plane rides for sale, a self-controlled amusement device of Beston Amusement in Pakistan. It consists of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic and electrical systems. It is a kind of amusement equipment for lifting and lowering around the center of the vertical axis. The self-control airplane will rotates around the center rocket or other styling decoration, and freely controls the ascent. The passengers grip the joysticks in the flight and hoist and chase them. They are chasing and shooting each other.

Self-control Kiddie Plane Rides for Sale In Pakistan

BH-ZK16A Self-control Kiddie Plane Rides

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Kids Self-control Plane Rides for Sale

BH-ZK16B Kids Self-control Plane Rides

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It is a kind of amusement rides that passengers can control their own lifts. The self-controlled aircraft which made in Beston has 6-arm, 8-arm, 12-arm and other models. The central rocket and the boom are equipped with lanterns. The current self-controlled aircraft are self-controlled pneumatic aircraft and self-controlled hydraulic aircraft. Welcome to buy your new amusement park self-control plane rides now!

When passengers sit on a self-controlled plane, they feel like they are swimming on a real plane. Passengers have a feeling of flying in the sky and feel relaxed and happy because their bodies move up and down during the rotation. When the amusement park equipment starts working, the airplane will rotate around the vertical axis.

At the same time, the passenger can press the button to move the aircraft up and down, or stop at any time. The self-controlled aircraft is equipped with advanced music player and color LED lights, so it is very eye-catching at night. The colorful colors are more attractive to children, quite vivid and easy to operate, so the fun amusement equipment will bring you meaning. Unexpected happiness.

Features of Beston Self-control Plane Rides for Sale In Pakistan

Self-controlled aircraft can last for a long time, and the following features are most popular:

  • The self-controlled aircraft can be freely controlled by the rider. In the cockpit of the spacecraft, the laser gun switch is controlled by one hand, and the cockpit is controlled by one hand. It is free to move up and down while controlling the side, as if flying in the sky, playing happily, uncomfortable!
  • More passengers to carry. The automatic aircraft is generally 8 or 10 cabins. Each cockpit can take four people. The average parent takes the child, and the family of three is not happy to sit on the plane.
  • More cockpit shape. The self-controlled aircraft cockpit has many shapes, such as aircraft shape, spacecraft shape, animal shape, and bear infancy.
  • Self-controlled aircraft play more. Self-controlled aircraft can be equipped with laser guns, water spray guns, etc., and can also have fishing nets for fishing activities.
  • Classic play equipment. The self-controlled aircraft is a relatively classic amusement device that can be rotated, lifted, etc. If you are looking for new self-control plane rides, welcome to contact us, we will send you detailed price list soon.


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