Swing Tower Rides for Sale In Pakistan

Swing tower rides, one of the largest and most thrill amusement rides you can buy for your amusement park in Pakistan. Swing tower rides is a type of new and novel amusement equipment which is designed and developed by Beston Company.

New Swing Tower Rides

New Swing Tower Rides

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Characteristics of Beston Swing Tower Rides for Sale In Pakistan

There is a large turntable which is surround the support. The turntable will moves up and down in a straight line under the action of the traction steel wire. The turntable does circular motion at the same time and the seats is hanging on the turntable by the chain.

Technical Parameters of Beston Swing Tower Rides

Equipment Height: 48m
Seat Distribution Diameter: 16 m (Static Static)
Double Swing Chair: 18
Rated Crew: 36 people
Supply voltage: AC 380V/220V/ 50Hz
Installed Capacity: 90kW
Theoretical Passenger Capacity: 720
Area: 33m*26 m

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