Techno Jump Ride for Sale In Pakistan

Techno Jump Ride for sale in Pakistan, also called Jump and Smile ride and bouncing machine. It is an unique amusement park ride that is attractive to kids in the amusement parks, funfairs, play-land. It is a high capacity thrilling amusement rides which is produced and improved by the combined efforts from Henan Beston Amusement. Looking for new rides for your park in Pakistan? Welcome to contact us for the price of this techno jump rides.

Techno Jump Ride for Sale

BNTJ-36A Techno Jump Ride

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Grand Techno Jump Ride

BNTJ-36B Grand Techno Jump Ride

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The techno jump ride is a kind of amusement park equipment that plays the bounce under the action of the gas spring during the rotation process. It is characterized by good irritability, entertainment and low risk, which is very suitable for children to ride. This is a new product with beautiful appearance and colorful color developed on the basis of the self-controlled aircraft. By controlling the movement of the cylinder, the cabin quickly rises and falls. At the same time, the cockpit is rapidly moving in the opposite direction. Rotating alternately. Tourists ride on it, exciting, and fun. The bouncer is divided into 6 arms, 8 arms, 10 arms, 12 arms, and each arm can be seated with 3 people.

Fairground Techno Jump Ride for Sale

BNTJ-36C Fairground Techno Jump Ride

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Frog Techno Jump Ride

BNTJ-36D Frog Techno Jump Ride

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Features of Beston Techno Jump Rides for Pakistan

It uses the cylinder to move, and it rises and falls more quickly. It can be rotated up to the forward and reverse. Beautiful in appearance and bright in color, it is a beautiful landscape of the amusement park. There are also different themes such as the butterfly love flower and landing on the moon. Jumping clouds are a kind of jumping theme. The cockpit moves along the vertical column track to make ascending, descending and coherent jumping movements. It makes you feel like you suddenly rush into the sky, and suddenly it flows down, so that you can experience thrills in the process of overweight and weightlessness.

Self-control Plane Techno Jump Ride

NBSC-8A Self-control Plane Techno Jump Ride

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Kiddie Plane Techno Jump Ride

BNSC-24B Kiddie Plane Techno Jump Ride

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Name Beston Techno Jump Ride
Voltage 380V
Total power 100KW
Total weight 11 tons
Arm length 5 meters
Arm number 12
Lifting height 6 meters
Equipment height 12 meters
Equipment diameter 12 meters
Site area 14 meters
Machine room 6*8 square meters
Rotation period 10 rpm
Number of occupants 36

Techno jump amusement ride is one of the large park playground equipment.  It is designed to control the rotation of the 12 arms along the central axis, undulation, ascending and descending. The whole body forms large waves, small waves, and the same A variety of undulating methods give passengers a strong and exciting bounce experience.

Our factory can be customized according to the needs of customers. The general specification is 6 arms, which can be customized according to the situation of your site. The material is made of high quality FRP, using automotive painting technology, colorful, one-time molding, never fade, equipment technology Excellent, high safety factor, Beston Amusement Equipment Factory sincerely welcomes you to negotiate. Jump and smile rides, it has multiple arms, three people can sit on one arm, tourists sit in the beautifully designed cockpit, listen to the unrestrained music, jump and jump with the rhythm of the bounce machine, fully Experience the thrills and excitement brought by the bouncer, which makes the tourists happy to forget. This equipment is safe and stimulating, and has beautiful appearance. It is suitable for one of the large-scale projects in the park and plaza. The “bounce machine” is developed on the basis of the company. New product.

Techno jump amusement ride is completely attractive with its heavy jump and rotation movement. As the central axis rotates, the arms are lifted into the air at pseudo-random intervals giving an erratic jumping motion. Passenger sit on beautiful cabin, with exciting music, rhythmed and quick jump up and down with the jumping machine. to feel the thrill and excitement.

Techno Jump Amusement Rides Manufacturer – Beston Amusement In Pakistan

Our company can also customize the amusement park rides- techno jump rides according to the customer’s site environment requirements. Customers can also choose the picture of your favorite amusement equipment techno jump ride to contact us. The detailed specifications and quotations of various specifications can be consulted by telephone. Customers are welcome to use our company’s products, you can customize the sample, you can design according to your requirements, you are welcome to come to the company to guide the work. In order to make our work better, please give us valuable advice, new ideas, more unique ideas and higher standards. If you are looking for new rides for Pakistan, try this ride from Beston Amusement!


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