Top Spin Ride for Sale In Pakistan

Top Spin ride for sale in Pakistan is a kind of large amusement equipment, it belongs to thrill rides. Under the action of strong centrifugal force, top spin ride rotates at high altitude, which makes visitors feel the thrilling feeling. For those who love adventure and seek excitement, it will be a great choice for your new amusement park in Pakistan. Welcome to contact us for the price of these top spin rides.

Top Spin Rides

BNTS-20A Top Spin Rides

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BNTS-20B New Top Spin Rides

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Features of Beston Top Spin Amusement Rides for Pakistan

  • High quality paint.
  • High quality products with materials.
  • Attractive and new design.
  • Motor quality used in the top spin rides.
  • Enhanced with lighting effects, spotlights, flashlights and other special effects
  • According to customer needs and feelings, design features that can be added to the device.
Top Spin Rides

BNTS-20C Top Spin Rides

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Top Spin Rides for Sale

BNTS-20D Top Spin Rides

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Top spin amusement rides which belongs to large-scale amusement equipment products that developed according to the shape of the swing rides. Sitting on the top of the two arms with 360 degrees, when you sway high, people will feel that they are embracing the beautiful moon in the sky. It is absolutely thrilling, turning around in the sky, shaking the ground and rolling in the body.

Top Spin Rides for Pakistan

BNTS-20E Top Spin Rides

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Top Spin Rides for Pakistan

BNTS-20F Top Spin Rides

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The top spin amusement equipment is one of the observation car-drawn amusement rides. It is different from other obsercation vehicles. It has a large angle of rotation and is higher than the average viewing car. The speed is certainly slightly higher than other viewing cars. The main problem of this high-altitude moon-viewing car is its reliability and safety. Children should be accompanied by adults when they want to play.

Technical Parameters of Beston Top Spin Ride

Capacity 20 person
Area 15*15m
Height 8m
Power 30kw
Voltage 380v
Running Speed 6r/m

The top spin amusement rides is a kind of large-scale amusement equipment that rotates around the horizontal axis. The cockpit rotates with inertia. It can accommodate 20 people. The tourists sit in it and rotate with the big arm to make people swim in space. It is very popular among passengers which including kids and adults. The characteristic of this equipment is that passengers can sway and roll back and forth with the start of the equipment, and the sense of weight loss alternates as if they are swimming in space. During the operation, the swing arm on both sides drives the seat to rotate 360 ​​degrees up and down, and the seat as a whole will also rotate with gravity and mechanical force, which is more suitable for people who dare to challenge themselves.

From the perspective of equipment safety, it is especially important to choose a regular production-type manufacturer. As a professional amusement equipment factory, Beston Amusement has established a brand in the industry with a work attitude of excellence. If you want to know more industry information, you are welcome to communicate directly with our online customer service, we will be happy to help you.

Because the top spin ride is a large-scale amusement facility, there are strict requirements on the technical and safety of the manufacturer. The high-altitude production of our factory is precisely designed by technicians, and the sky is high, and the steel, the pressure bar is even small. Strict screws are demanding in order to avoid accidents. Once again, Beston amusement appeals to the majority of merchants, and large-scale amusement equipment is at high altitude. Please look for the quality of the manufacturers to choose this product, and then it is not conceivable. The concept of Beston is that merchants can make money safely, and tourists can play happily and create a harmonious and beautiful amusement environment.

The amusement equipment made by Beston Amusement Group is very strict with the technical requirements of the equipment producer. Because it is a kind of amusement equipment that tells the rotation, the speed of the equipment is very fast, and the cockpit can be flipped 360 degrees, which is very exciting. Therefore, it is also very strict on the requirements of safety. Imagine that the equipment is not technically produced, but the consequences are unimaginable. Beston Amusement Equipment Factory has professional design and production staff, reasonable design, reliable quality and safe use. It is a brand amusement equipment manufacturer. Welcome new and old customers to order. Planning to install a thrill amusement ride in your park in Pakistan? Try this top spin ride now! Send your inquiry to Beston Amusement, we will reply you quotation soon.


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