Trackless Train for Sale In Pakistan

Trackless train for sale in Pakistan with cheap price from Beston Group, one of the most popular amusement rides in our factory. It is more popular than the track train rides in the amusement park and funfair. They are improved on the basis of the original track trains. They have been favored by customers and are particularly suitable for shopping malls, squares, scenic spots, farms, playgrounds, etc. In Beston Amusement, you can find cute thomas trains, antique trackless trains, cute sea animal trains, elephant trains, Christmas trackless train and etc. Different types of new trackless trains will be your best choice for your amusement park in Pakistan.

Beston Trackless Train for Sale

BNTT-A Beston Trackless Train

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British Trackless Train for Pakistan

BNTT-B British Trackless Train

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Beston New Trackless Train Ride for Sale

  • Thomas Trackless Train for Pakistan

The prototype of the Thomas trackless train comes from the heroes in “Thomas and his friends”. It caters to the tastes of children very well, and turns the hero in the animation into a small trackless train that can be run in reality. Degree is extremely high. Our Thomas train consists of four carriages and a head, you can also customized accroding to your requirement. The first of the four carriages is a coal water tanker. The remaining three carriages are covered carriages. One carriage can usually accommodate four adults (children can accommodate 6 A), its power source is electricity, so its energy consumption is small, and its energy is clean. It is a type of kiddie-like amusement ride with low investment and high return.

Thomas Trackless Train

BNTT-E Thomas Trackless Train

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Kids Thomas Trackless Train

BNTT-F Thomas Trackless Train

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  • Smile Trackless Train for Pakistan

The smiley trackless train, the image of a child with a smiley face showing its front teeth is striking, and the overall shape of the equipment is full of childishness, which is very popular with children. This smiley trackless train is made of fiberglass, and the carriage is large and durable. Power configuration can choose to open the electric cabinet to input current to the track for the train to start or use battery drive.

Kiddie Smile Trackless Train

BNTT-C Smile Trackless Train

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Smile Trackless Train for Pakistan

BNTT-D Smile Trackless Train

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  • Elephant Trackless Trains for Pakistan

The elephant train without track is a classic trackless amusement equipment, equipped with multi-colored colored lights, mini-scale, cute shape, large passenger flow, safe and stable operation, simple and convenient operation and disassembly, suitable for indoor and outdoor mobile flexible operation.

  • Ocean Theme Trackless Train

The ocean theme trackless train is a new type of kids amusement equipment. The main color is blue and white, just like the blue sky and white clouds give a soft feeling, and it is like the white waves rising in the sea. The friction between the wheels and the track during taxiing will make the children in the carriage bump up and down, more like rolling forward in the sea. The body of ocean trackless train is made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic, which has good wear resistance and toughness. It is 0.6 meters higher than the elephant head train. The price is the same. If you want to change style and pursue fashion, you can get a marine ocean trackless train.

Details of Beston Trackless Train Rides for Pakistan

Beston trackless train is a kind of children’s amusement equipment which is not restricted by the venue. Its standard configuration is one locomitve followed by three carriages. The driver’s seat can be adjusted freely, which is suitable for drivers of all sizes. The music player is equipped with a USB interface and can be connected to an external USB flash drive. Customers can add songs on their own. The vehicle lights have independent switches. They can be turned off during the day to save power and turned on at night. The entire car is vacuum tires, and the passenger compartment can be equipped with soft seats for more comfortable riding.

There is a ball head connection between the carriages, flexible turning, and the brakes do not shake. Each carriage is equipped with audio and Deng Shuang. The head is equipped with a music controller, which can be equipped with simulated smoke. The charging system uses an intelligent charger. Automatic power off. There are two types of batteries used in the car, which are colloid-free maintenance batteries and liquid batteries, which can be selected by customers. In short, the trackless train is a kind of equipment for children, adults like, and there will be a profit when placed there.

About Beston Trackless Trains In Pakistan

Beson Amusement Equipment is a comprehensive professional amusement equipment manufacturer which integrating design, research and development, production, sales, installation and after-sales. We sell different types of new amusement park rides, for example, trackless train rides, track trains, bumper cars and etc, we also help to to build new park in Pakistan. There are many park and amusement rides cases for you. For more trackless trains, track trains and many other amusement park rides for kids. Welcome to contact Beston for details about different types of new trackless trains!


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